Company Introduction employees Tamin-e-Atieh

Organizational History

By the grace of God and with special attention of Samen Alhojaj(pbuh),and also great effort of senior managers of Khorasan Electric Industry and the CEO of the KREC in particular ,the institute of Tamin-e –Atieh with the aim of profitability and serving the shareholders was registered in 2006.

The shareholders as members are including employees as well as retirees.

With the major restructuring on 2012/11/10 “institute” has been changed to a “company” and the interest of members that was only in operating profit up to that time, get worth to be valued and shareholders participate and attend the meetings so they gain right to vote and elect the board of directors.

Consequently, for the profit and loss of the company the members or rather shareholders will be decision maker of the company, themselves.

In this regard, the Stock Management Unit at the site of old building  of KREC (Basij Sq.)to facilitate the exchange of shares is located.

In recent years, group of Atieh’s  sub-companies  to meet future needs of the country’s electricity industry, particularly the production of measuring instruments such as meters and counters have done a good job.

In this context, by creating job opportunities , hire the young , talented, and well educated people(with a priority of fellow’s children)

By investing 61 milliard rials over 5736 members from the big family of ”Khorasan Electricity Industry” have been assisted to their livelihood and throughout the different economical activities.

Up to now 11 companies have been established and approved by the assembly in 2013 amounted to 160 billion rials(milliard) capital increase.

Tamin-e Atieh company is an investment holding and managing sub-companies to plan , and sharing affairs as well as the definition and creation of new companies with different perspectivein order to increase shareholders profit.




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