Message from the CEO

I shall be thankful of God for all help and success we get to serve our members and shareholders in company. Directors and chief executives of the Atieh appreciate their reliance and trust and express their thanks to all of them.

The management group believes that the company is a trustee of all shareholders and do the best to protect and promote their interests and continue to achieve the goals. They also try to increase investment and get advantage of market opportunities to gain success.The company’s management in order to fulfill this desire and with conviction to continue the dynamism and success will not miss any effort.

The main actions taken and the programs carried out on the basis of shareholders satisfaction and keep upgrading their interest is one of the company’s principles.

The board and management of the company believe that all the achievements and success for the company would have never happened without the members and shareholders’ support Optimum interaction of ideas and using of  shareholders  point of views would lead us to a better decision-making  and planning in present and future time. 

At the end, it should be noted that the company’s management according to the mission and duties is responsive to any suggestions  and beneficial comments of shareholders.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question about the company’s activities and situation. Any recommendation at anytime will be welcomed.



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