Bonyan Energy Binalood Company

Bonyan Energy Binalood Company:

Bonyan Energy Binalood Company (PJS) was established on November 8, 2012 as a private joint stock company, registered under No. 46371 at the Companies Registration Office of Mashhad. Central activity center of the company is Mashhad. Bonyan Energy Binalood Company affiliates to the Handling Department of Tamin-e-Atieh  Company for the employees of Khorasan Regional Electrical Company. This company offers services to the Group, produces electrical and thermal energy, using resulted energies to produce electricity, flower, plant and vegetables, supplying related equipments, obtaining required technical knowledge and related software.

Object of the Company:

  1. Simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy  to increase efficiency
  2. Using resulted energies to produce electricity, agricultural products, vegetables and greenhouse products
  3. Importing technologies related to activities of the company, receiving bank facilities, importing and exporting industrial machineries and products and spare parts

Scope of activities of the company:

  1. Consulting and providing technical and economical reports for implementation of

6 MW power plant project and 3 hectares greenhouse in Neyshaboor 

  1. Providing the land required for implementation of power plant and greenhouse
  2. Receiving permit of Khorasan Regional Water Company to dig water well for supplying a part of required water for the project during the constructional process
  3. Receiving permits for implementation of 6 MW power plant targeted to sell electricity and provide the required thermal energy for greenhouses (G.H.P)
  4. Performing required follow-ups through rank top managers of Khorasan Razavi Jihad and Agriculture Organization and Board of Directors of Agricultural Towns Company in Tehran and inspections made by the related experts from greenhouse site in Neyshaboor and confirmation of the site for establishment of greenhouse farms
  5. Following up the affairs to receive investment and bank facilities for power plant and greenhouse
  6. Receiving gas license required for  distributed generation power plant (DG power plant)



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