About Atieh Clean Energy Production Industries Company

Pak Atieh Company

Production of clean energy from renewable resources has been increasing rapidly, especially from wind and sun which are major modern energy resources. This company was established in 2012 to act in the field of developing clean energies application, supplying clean energy production facilities and implementing its projects.

Immediately after establishment, the company purchased solar panels production line from Aria Solar Company in Birjand (capital city of South Khorassan province); and the company increased capacity of the production line to 20 MW per year through increasing machineries. Currently, the above-said production line is capable to produce a number of customized panels ranging from 10 to 250 MW. The company held meeting with some of valid European companies to purchase full-automatic machineries and expects to increase production quality and speed upon import and installation of modern machineries (equipments). Solar panels production line got ISO9001-2008 system management license and products of the company are based on IEC standards, having Canadian ARC certificates. The applied cells of panels bear highest efficiency rate and compounds of panels have best quality. All produced panels have 5 years warranty.

Other performance of the company is start up of 300w micro inverter production line, using knowledge of domestic specialists and experts. Upon mass production of this product which is compatible with network connected photovoltaic systems may pass a significant step in decreasing costs and increasing efficiency rate of photovoltaic systems which results in increasing application rate of such systems in the country. The above-said micro inverter bears international certificate. In addition, other products of the company consist: optical derivatives such as control charger in different ranges, mobile and laptop chargers. This company highly attends to quality of produced materials, efficiency and quality of applied compounds and production process. Moreover, the company produces its products in accordance with domestic and international standards and highly tends to improve quality of products; the company covers all its products under guarantee and after sales services.



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