Atieh Gostar Sanabad Trading Co


Sanabad trading company (Atieh gostar-e-sanabad) one of the sub companies of Atieh's group with the purpose of supplying parts and raw material and sell the production of subsidary companies , started it's activities.

sequence of executive activities in business involve different issues yet interconnected to each other.Sanabad with knowledge of information, internal and external regulations and related standards , and also dominate the process , capable of providing the best services in shortest time with high confidence and security . The company's reliance on information technology and new approaches to current variable environment based e-commerce could easily maintain their overall structure and take steps towards its main objectives, namely customer satisfaction.

The company is currently marketing and sales in Afghanistan , Turkmenistan and Iraq which hare skilful and component in a short time the first prototypes of solar panels exported to Turkmenistan.

Currently, the company's sales representatives and will provide the following services:

  1. Electrical energy and power Equipment
  • Smart measuring motors
  • Solar panels for household and industrial different brands-local-Chinese-European
  • LED Lamp , LED street lights and LED projector
  • The solar water pumps
  • The solar water heaters
  • Silicon film (cinematography)
  • The solar Mobile Charger

        2. The supply of parts equipment for power plants , transmission lines and power substation           

  • The company has great potential in providing goods and parts for power plants and transmission lines through (Maham-e-Shargh) and (Torbin-niru Tous) companies.

Company activities:

  1. The supply of raw material for the group
  2.  Import the power plant patrs and equipment
  3. Sales representative needed to obtain electricity industry in Europe
  4. Management contract for a CHP power plants installation with a capacity of 3.2 MW
  5. Taking part in low-power consumption Trans tender via a consortium with Tous-Niro company




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