About Atieh Sanat Bargh-e-Shams Insurance Company

Atieh Sanat Bargh-e-Shams Insurance Company

Atieh Sanat Insurance Company: 

Atieh Sanat Bargh-e-Shams Insurance Company was established in October 2012 upon the investment made by the Tamin-e-Atieh  Company for the employees of Khorasan Regional Electrical Company for supplying optimal and efficient services to a range of companies, employees of Ministry of Energy and all other people in the fields of consulting, issuing insurance policies and tracking damage insurance claims. The company tends to manage risks and concentrate insurances of employees, companies and industries to reduce their financial costs through reduction of their insurance premiums and supplying special facilities in different insurance fields including: engineering and liability insurance, fire insurance, health and treatment insurance, automobile insurance and any other insurance service.

Passing more than two years of active service supply; the Company supplies insurance services to policyholders, especially to affiliated companies of the Ministry of Energy, that operate in generation, transmission and distribution fields.

Some of the policyholders of Atieh Sanat Bargh-e-Shams Insurance Company are as follows:

  1. Khorasan Regional Electrical Company
  2. Power Distribution Company of Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan and South Khorasan Provinces
  3. Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Company
  4. Khorasan Regional Water Company
  5. Tous Power Plant
  6. Mashhad Power Plant
  7. Contracting Companies affiliated to Electrical Industry
  8. Production Companies related to Electrical Industry and Modern Energies

Policies of the Company:

  1. Attracting and retaining policyholders through offering appropriate insurance services
  2. Offering necessary training services in the field of risk management to policyholders
  3. Developing insurance culture through application of public media for public information of insurance services
  4. Acting to define and provide new insurance services to meet requirements of employees of the Ministry of Energy
  5. Taking necessary actions to reduce loss coefficient in all types of insurance policies
  6. Continuous identification of potential markets and prioritizing target markets




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