About Behineh Sazan Toos Energy measurement Industries Company

Behineh Sazan Toos Energy measurement Industries Company

Type of activity :

Behineh sazan-tous measuring company with the aim of  producing electricity , gas and water meters and related equipment in partnership with " hexing electrical " company of china was established in 2007 , currently major products of the company are digital meters for electricity .


Products :

  1. Different type of 3 phase meters
    1. Three phases, multi-tariff  secondary voltage
    2. Three phases, multi-tariff indirect miniature
    3. Three phases, multi-tariff direct connection
    4. Three phases, multi-tariff  indirectly
    5. Three phases, multi-tariff direct
  2. Different type of single-phase meters
    1. single-phase electronic multi-tariff
    2. single-phase electronic multi-tariff miniature
    3. single-phase electronic multi-tariff Round
  3. Different type of molded ease meters



  1. Production and installation of smart meters.
  2. Holder of native MDM software.
  3. launched a new line Soldering and line and  increase productivity.
  4. Initial negotiations to conclude a contract to sell 200 thousand meters in Syria.
  5. Gain of 48% market share in year 2014







Log in company Tamin-Atieh Of shares for the employees of the electricity industry in Khorasan  click on this link.