Atieh-e-Sanabad Housing Company

Atieh Sanabad Housing Company affiliates to Atieh Group Companies which was registered under number 46670, on November 17, 2012 registered with cash capital of Rls. 1,000,000,000, divided into 10,000 names shares.

Object of the Company:

  1. Constructing dwelling houses for members and shareholders of Atieh Company and its investors
  2. Providing sustainable and guaranteed profit for investors of the company
  3. Increasing entrepreneurship and developing constructional works
  4. Optimizing micro and macro capitals belonging to members of Atieh Company and leading these capitals toward construction of dwelling, accommodation, time sharing, tourism and leisure projects
  5. Participating in construction of private projects of members and shareholders of Atieh Company

It is to be noted that the company purchased a piece of land measuring 2124 sq. m. for construction of Aramesh Tower with 15 floors and 92 dwelling units which is under construction; currently, the land is under excavation operation. 




Log in company Tamin-Atieh Of shares for the employees of the electricity industry in Khorasan  click on this link.